Simple Interior Design Tips and Tricks

There are plenty of simple interior design ideas which you can incorporate into any room of your house. The tips and tricks offered by this article will surely turn any room that already looks fabulous but far from practical into a very stylish and functional space.

Provide Proper Lighting

Light can play a huge role in transforming a room. If you want to achieve a relaxing ambience, you can consider hanging a large pendant light above the top of the dining table, or the central table in the living area. Another tip is to add a dimmer switch to have a more dramatic and subtle glow.Top Leading Fashion Designing Institutes in Chandigarh . Indian Fashion Institute provide 100% job oriented Fashion Design Courses in Chandigarh . visit our website today .

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If you want to perfectly blend the proper lighting and ambience, you must also pay attention to the color that your shade will throw around the room, and which direction the light will stream into. If you want to attain low illumination, you must make sure that the shade doesn’t have any opening at the top. You can also buy light bulbs that are made to only throw light downwards. Keep in mind that darker shades will let some light out of the shade; while warm-colored shades, including bronze and reds, will create a reddish-pink glow inside the room.

Find The Right Paint Color

There are color charts available which will help you choose which paint color you want; however, this can still be tricky. To be safe, you can buy sample paint in one or two shades lighter than the one you really want, then try painting a small area of your room. You can also paint them into pieces of thick white paper and display them on the walls. Doing so will help you visualize what the room will look like using a particular paint color. Remember that the color of the room can have a significant effect on the room’s ambience and size. The paint color can also trick the eyes into thinking that a small room is bigger than its actual size.Best Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh. Indian Fashion Institute Provide Interior Design Courses like Degree & Diploma. For More Info Visit Our Website

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Arrangement Of Furniture And Fixtures

It is vital to ensure that the furniture and fixtures in the room are properly arranged and placed. You must bear in mind the proper flow of passage in the room. You must also allow for enough space between each fixture. For instance, if you are designing your living room, the coffee table and sofas must have at least 50cm between them. You must also place the sofas and chairs in the right angles so as to avoid restricting traffic. If you are planning to re-decorate your bedroom, you must put enough space between the bed and wardrobes. You can go for smaller cabinet with sliding doors and a smaller bed if the room is too small.

These are three simple tips and tricks which you can easily do on your own. If you are thinking of re-designing or re-decorating any of the rooms in your home, you must consider the three important factors: lighting, color, and furniture arrangement.


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